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8283 days
Online time of all user / Total
13 days
Online time of all user / month
4 days
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Current statistics

Server status Offline
Clients (Online / Max) 0
Amount of channels 60
Average server ping -
Total bytes received 6.85 GiB
Total bytes sent 11.98 GiB
Server uptime -   (before offline:120 Tage, 9 Stunden, 28 Minuten, 28 Sekunden)
Average packet loss -

Overall statistics

Server name Mani's Community Teamspeak
Server address (Host Address : Port)
Server password No (Server is public)
Server ID 10
Server platform Linux
Server version 3.13.2
Server creation date (dd/mm/yyyy) 27/06/2017
Report to server list Activated